Market Data For Twin Falls Single Family Residents 1997-2013

The real estate market activity during the years of 2012 & 2013 has been appreciating from the previous years.  In 2013, 1140 single-family homes came on the market with 680 of those homes sold.  In the year 2012, 951 single-family homes came on the market with 581 homes sold.  We have appreciated around 9% for the 2013 Twin Falls housing market, which puts us back to 2009 average prices. The market has also increased 27% in homes sold since 2010.  What does all this mean?  We have been in a Buyer’s market since 2008 and now looking at the 12 months absorption rate of 5.775 month that puts the Twin Falls Single Family homes market back into a balanced market and if numbers keep appreciating we could potentially be heading towards a Seller’s market.  

Want more detailed infromation? Contact me here for a chart of easy to read numbers that you can do your own analysis on.